Competition Information

The Team Leaders Meeting will take place on June 19th , on the pool, at 10:00 followed by Judges Meeting.


19.08. – 20:00h – 21:00h – BARTŁOMIEJ JAN KRYNICKI
“Trauma prevention in Diving”
21.08. – 19:30h – 21:00h – DOMENICO RINALDI
“The Age peridization in Diving Preparation Program”
23.08. – 19:30h – 21:00h – KLAUS DIBIASI
“Diving history – who knows, that…?

There will be girls and boys B category ( 2008., 2009.) and girls and boys A category ( 2007., 2006., 2005.). All event provide equal participation possibilities for both gender: in individual, synchronized diving and Mixed Team Event.

Training time in the competition pool August 17th and 18th will be allocated per federation in blocks based on the number of entries.

Federations entering the European Junior Diving Championships will receive accreditation free of charge for:

a) the President of the Federation;
b) the Head of Delegation;
c) the Competitors entered;
d) one medical person; a second medical person in case more than fifteen competitors have been entered.
e) team staff members: 5 (for up to 5 competitors); 6 (for up to 8 competitors); 7 (for more than 8 competitors).

However the number of team staff members may not exceed the number of competitors. Team staff members include everybody servicing the team: Team Leaders, Chaperones, Coaches, Physiotherapists, Interpreters, etc. (not officials such as judges, referees, etc.).

Via Preliminary (July 15th) and Final entry forms to OC and copy to LEN office no later than August 9 th 2023. Dive sheets via diverecorder:

J-D 7.1 Acting Judges are not allowed to act as coaches throughout the actual Championships. Judges who do not respect this Regulation shall be excluded from the Championships.
J-D 7.2 The TDC shall appoint the Technical Delegate, the Referee, the judges panel(s) and the other officials for each event.
J-D 7.3 Federations may nominate one (1) or two (2) judges qualified on the current A-and/or B-Lists of LEN.
J-D 7.4 Federations entering four (4) divers or more are obliged to nominate at least one (1) judge qualified on the current A and/or B Lists of LEN.
A Federation not able to nominate a judge in the category prescribed shall be financially responsible for one (1) judge to be nominated by the TDC.
J-D 7.5 Nominations shall be submitted to the LEN Office no later than the date circulated by the LEN Office.
J-D 7.6 Officials approved by the TDC are on the costs of the nominating Federation.
J-D 7.7 The Organizing Federation shall supply all other officials.
J-D 7.8 Acting judges may be evaluated.

Individual diving events on 1m, 3m and Platform will be held in two sessions with Preliminaries and Finals with twelve (12) divers. The starting order of the divers in the Final will be according to the reverse order of their placing as determined by their total scores at the end of the Preliminaries.

In the Finals, the top twelve (12) divers from the previous session will participate in a final competition performing only dives without limit. The scores of the dives with limit from the previous session will be carried forward and added to the scores in the final competition to determine the top twelve (12) rankings.

Divers lower than twelfth place will be ranked by their preliminary scores.

The Mixed Team Event is an event where up to 4 divers compose the team may complete the 6 dives from different heights are performed. One (1) team per Nation is allowed in this direct final.


There are four important deadline dates in order to provide information to the OC and in order to participate in the Championships:
· June 25th ,2023.
Preliminary Entry form for teams and officials is to be submitted to LEN and OC, Preliminary Booking for accommodation advance payment (first payment part 50%)
· July 15th , 2023.
Accommodation in advance payment (balance payment part 50%)
· July 15th 2023.
Completed travel form is to be submitted to the OC and Travel agency
· August 9th 2023.
Final name entries for athletes by event and category and for Judges to be submitted to OC with copy to LEN Office (

All the applications for all the categories of participants, should go officially through the respective National Federations.

Participants from countries needing an entry visa to Croatia are requested to contact the OC for an official invitation letter. In order to avoid problems of administrative nature when requesting a visa, please contact the Croatian Embassy or Consular Authorities within your country in due time prior to your planned arrival to Croatia.

We will provide options for the accommodation of divers, officials and other participants in Rijeka. Different types of rooms will be available in accordance to participants needs. Federations can book their accommodation only through the Official travel agency.